A society is nothing without it's members. Transforming from an association into a charitable incorporated organisation will allow the community to do more for the benefit of its members, continuing the work started by the association.

Skills & Career

The society will be better placed to support RSEs in all aspects of their role. Support could be access to training and technical expertise, career progression advice and community events such as conferences and workshops.


For the society to remain strong it is vital it remains a transparent and democratic organisation. Members will be able to vote on its future direction through annual elections of trustees onto the society board. The first elections will be held in early 2019.

Our Story

RSEs have come a long way in a short space of time in the UK. The creation of the society will help sustain those achievements into the future. We hope that you will continue to be a part of the RSE community as we transition from an informal association into a charitable organisation - the Society of Research Software Engineering.

2012 Name "RSE" coined at CW12

2012 First Centralised RSE Group

2013 UKRSE Association Formed

2014 More RSE Groups Started

2015 First UKRSE Elections

2016 First RSE Conference

2017 Second RSE Conference

2018 Third RSE Conference

2019 Society Created